Scotland, Cornwall, and the Lake District are at the top of people’s wish list.
Only one third of people let the unpredictable weather put them off UK travel.
Over half don’t holiday in the UK because of the cost.

A recent survey by Campanile UK has revealed that 93 percent of Brits would like to spend more time exploring the UK, with only 12% preferring travel abroad.

Two thirds of participants listed seaside visits as their favourite type of British holiday with towns and city breaks the second most popular choice, followed by trips to the countryside.

The responses also revealed the reasons that prevent people from taking a staycation and financial implications were a barrier for 58% of people.

Perhaps surprisingly, only a third of people surveyed would let the unpredictability of the British weather put them off holidaying close to home.

However, 51% of those surveyed still only explore the UK once or twice a year.

When it comes to reasons why people explore the UK, the most popular answers were: for sightseeing purposes (76%), spending quality time with their significant other (57%) and spending time outdoors (56%).

Mark Aldridge, Director of Operations at Campanile UK said: “It’s really pleasing to see how many people would like to explore more of the UK if factors such as cost were not an issue. Particularly as the good old British weather doesn’t seem to put too many people off! This country has so much to offer with a wide variety of cultures, sights and experiences, it’s time we all looked a little closer to home for our travel needs.

“At Campanile, we want to make UK town and city breaks attainable for couples, families and friends, and show that a UK holiday doesn’t have to break the bank. Whether it’s discovering a new city or a countryside getaway, our hotels are in accessible locations and an affordable way to tick off some places you’ve been wanting to visit.”

Campanile UK carried out the survey as part of it’s Great Summer Road Trip campaign to encourage the nation to head outdoors and explore the UK, discovering the huge range of interesting places on our doorstep.

With hotels in 17 UK towns and cities, Campanile offers rooms from just £39 this summer.

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