Hurricane forecast models suggest Florence will become a Category 1 hurricane on Sunday, then upgrade to a Category 2 on Monday, and possibly a Category 3 on Wednesday.


Though weakened to a tropical storm, Florence was expected to regain hurricane strength as it nears Bermuda. Large swells were likely to start hitting the British island territory in the north Atlantic Ocean on Friday.

It is too soon to tell where the storm will go because there is still “very large uncertainty” in Florence’s long-term track. Some forecast models showed Florence slamming into land by late next week, while others indicated the storm would curve away from shore.

There are three storms brewing the Atlantic. Two of them could possibly become Helene and Issac. The storms formed in the Atlantic almost exactly a year after Hurricane Irma affected Florida. For the best photos of Irma’s impact on Florida, click here. 

The low pressure systems off the coast of Africa behind Florence also had high chances of developing into tropical storms, forecasters said.

The First Alert Weather team is keeping a close eye on tropical wave eight. It will likely become a tropical storm Friday.

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TALKING THE TROPICS WITH MIKE: Florence to become a hurricane again…still far east of Jacksonville

Chief Meteorologist Mike Buresh said any direct impact on the U.S. from Florence would not be until the middle to end of next week, however, easterly swells emanating west from the hurricane will start arriving at Jacksonville and other east coast beaches over the upcoming weekend into next week. This would include an increasing dangerous rip current risk.

#firstaletwx Florence over Central Atlantic… should have Helene & Isaac soon – “Talking the Tropics With Mike”: @WOKVNews

— Mike Buresh (@MikeFirstAlert) September 7, 2018

In addition to Florence, the First Alert Weather team is closely monitoring two other disturbances off the African Coast that could possibly become tropical depressions or named tropical storms in the next 24 to 48 hours.

Those names would be Helene and Isaac.

In addition to #Florence — we could have two new tropical depression / storms form today or tonight, according to NHC’s morning update. #FirstAlertWX

— Garrett Bedenbaugh (@wxgarrett) September 7, 2018

…. & one can see why forecast modeling is not really helping a whole lot right now… prepare, prepare, prepare – no matter what the situation… but no panic. The First Alert Weather Team will monitor & track ’round the clock…. @WOKVNews

— Mike Buresh (@MikeFirstAlert) September 7, 2018

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