From Paris to Peru, the Great Wall to the Grand Canyon, Disney delivers unique vacation thrills and incredible VIP treatment in some of the most spectacular destinations around the world. By taking one of these bucket list adventures, you’ll get all of the sense of fun, attention to detail, precision planning, and immersive entertainment that you’ve come to expect from Disney—no mouse ears required.

Adventures by Disney

Adventures by DisneyCourtesy Disney

What it is: Small group trips that let you explore the world without having to do any planning other than the initial booking. You’ll travel with other families who have the same interests and have kids in the same age range, creating instant companions. Every detail is taken care of by guides specially trained by Disney, and you’ll get to try out unique activities, have skip-the-line access to iconic sights, and enjoy exclusive experiences with local experts at some of the most beautiful spots in the world. Don’t miss these 10 other ways to enjoy Disney without going to a park.

Glamping in Yellowstone National Park

AbD Montana and YellowstoneCourtesy Disney

The scoop: Adventures by Disney (AbD) offers trips to the most popular national parks across the United States and Canada, including Yellowstone National Park, which was its very first “Adventure” trip a decade ago and is still one of its most popular. On the summer adventure to Montana and Wyoming, the first half of the week-long trip is spent exploring Yellowstone’s amazing natural attractions, including the soaring waters of Old Faithful, the rainbow-hued Grand Prismatic Springs, and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. (Yep, it has one. The local experts at AbD will tell you all about it.)

The second half revs up the adrenaline-pumping activities, with horseback riding at a real dude ranch, fly-fishing, whitewater rafting in the Gallatin River, and zip lining in Big Sky. One seriously cool part of the itinerary: Roughing it in style with glamping (glamour camping) in spacious tents with real beds, a bathroom, and wood-burning stoves.

Finding “the Force” in San Francisco

AbD San FranciscoCourtesy Disney

The scoop: In addition to full week itineraries, AbD offers long weekend trips to popular cities around the United States. This one offers seriously cool insider perks, including a visit to Lucasfilm Studios in the Presidio, which is not open to the general public. You can see the real light saber props and Darth Vader costumes from the Star Wars films and kick back in a private screening room while your kids ask a Lucasfilm staffer as many questions as they want. Find out other awesome experiences at Disney for Star Wars fans.

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