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Randremisa Fameno Lanja, an expat from Madagascar who studies at Shanghai University, visits the China 3D Printing Museum in Baoshan District during the tour. 

About 100 tourism enthusiasts are participating in five one-day tours citywide on Friday to experience Shanghai’s “culture, history, beautiful landscapes and glamour” as part of the ongoing Shanghai Tourism Festival.

The five routes unveil Shanghai’s charm and string a number of attractions from architecture, industry, culture and innovation, to countryside tourism and wanghong (Internet celebrity) landscapes and delicacies, according to the Shanghai Tourism Administration.

They are named “Legends on Shanghai’s century-old streets,” “Experiencing green life in Qingpu District,” “Read hundred-year-old city classics,” “Explore new landmarks of city industries,” and “A stroll in the Pudong New Area, a place with a magic dream.”

“The one-day tours offer participants, including Shanghainese, new comers to Shanghai and expats living here, a glimpse into Shanghai’s charm, development, diversity, and dynamics,” said Xu Weiwan, director of the administration.

Randremisa Fameno Lanja, an expat from Madagascar who studies at Shanghai University for his PhD, is among the participants.

“Shanghai is the best city I have ever lived and it is very beautiful,” he said. “I am very excited about the tour.”

He said Shanghai Happy Valley, an amusement park in Songjiang District, is his favorite attraction in Shanghai because his three sons love it.

He will visit the China 3D Printing Museum, Yangshupu Water Plant, Shanghai International Fashion Center and Qinghuangdao Dock during the tour.

The five routes string historical architecture such as the Fairmont Peace Hotel, the legendary Paramount ballroom and Yuyuan Road historical protection zone; attractions that display Shanghai’s rapid changing development and construction like the Shanghai Tower and White Magnolia Plaza, the tallest building in Puxi; and spots that reveal the beauty of Shanghai’s suburbs such as the Qingxi Countryside Park and Zhangma Village, a representative of Shanghai’s countryside minsu (small guesthouses or B&Bs).

The Shanghai International Fashion Center and China 3D Printing Museum, which reveal the splendor of Shanghai’s hundred-year industrial history in the new era, and landscapes along the 45-kilometer-long Huangpu riverside walkway, are also included.

Participants will also savor Shanghai’s delicacies and take a cruise tour on the Huangpu River at night.

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