Have you ever looked at a wallpaper on your screen that showcases the vibrant, warm colours of autumn and resisted the strong urge to jump right into it? Head right to Switzerland to experience for real, the season of fall in all its unmatched glory!

The Swiss forests and trees are ablaze with dazzling hues and shades of red, orange and yellow leaves. Autumn in Switzerland is truly magical as you can feel the shift in seasons from warm summer days to cold winter nights. The fiery, inviting colours and fresh, crisp autumn weather in the Swiss Alps give you the picture-perfect locale for nature lovers.

For you to be able to enjoy the indoors and breathe in the outdoors in Switzerland this autumn, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 things you can do during this wonderful season there:

Swiss Travel System in Autumn

Hike at the Aletsch Glacier World

If you want to soak in the colours of fall in all their true beauty, trek along the great Aletsch Glacier, said to be the jewel of UNESCOfs Jungfrau-Aletsch World Heritage Site. Following an elegant, graceful path, Europe’s largest ice flow takes you through majestic peaks and lush foliage. Walk through the pram-friendly paths to trails through the magnificent Aletsch Forest, hikes between the mountain huts and high Alpine walks with views of the Great Aletsch Glacier. Autumn, with its idyllic weather, is the perfect time to trek along this glacier and soak in the mountains adorned with the rich reds, oranges and yellows of the season.

Chestnuts in Ticino

What’s autumn without a good walk and a warm bonfire? Pick up smooth chestnuts hidden in spiky casings from the forests of Ticino and bring them home to roast on a bonfire. Chestnuts are definitely a big part of the Swiss autumn season. It is a tradition that invokes warm memories just before everyone gets ready to usher in the cold winters. Kids love going on a chestnut trail through the forest. In fact, chestnuts are taken so seriously in Switzerland in autumn that not only is there a Chestnut festival every year in Ascona in October, you will also find delicacies made with chestnuts on the menu of most restaurants.


The Grand Tour of Switzerland is a combination of the highlights of Switzerland with a beautifully scenic route. It’s home to a dozen UNESCO sites, a topographic diversity that includes palm trees, glaciers and some of Europefs most modern cities contrasted with tiny Alpine villages. The Basel-Lucerne is one the most popular routes that goes from the assorted cultural and well-preserved old town to the unbelievably beautiful Lucerne situated on the eponymous lake. A hike around the Etang de la Gruere in the glorious autumn season is a true highlight and a mustdo for every traveller. Other cultural highlights include the towns of La Chaux-de-Fonds and Le Locle, which both have UNESCO World Heritage status.

Witness dazzling hues and shades of red, orange and yellow leaves in Switzerland.

Stroll through the vineyards

Visitors can now discover the Lavaux winegrowing region with the Vaud: Guide app. Vines were already grown here in the 11th century on terraces buttressed by walls. Since then, generations of vintners have cultivated and cherished this exceptional natural mosaic. Visit the vineyard and soak up the late autumn sun and get a complete colour therapy from the blue sky and the almost golden leaf, a perfect reflection of the sun.

Discover Autumn with the Swiss Travel Pass

Explore picturesque landscapes, pristine mountain lakes, and charming villages in Switzerland with an all-in-one ticket – Swiss Travel Pass. The Swiss Travel System is the best way to discover every nook and corner of this gorgeous place.

Feel autumn in your bones yet?

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