A thrill seeker or the instagrammer, find out which kind of traveller you are.

Travelling means different things to different people. Understanding this is key to planning a successful group trip.

Take the test. What kind of traveller are you?

1. The chill needer

Their itinerary consists mainly of lounging by the pool, sleeping all day, laying on the beach or being pampered all day, not being bothered by the destination itself. They see travel strictly as a means of escape and a time to relax, so really, they do not want a part of anything that contradicts their rest and relaxation. This is not in any way bad, as many of them can only go on these trips once or twice a year due to tight working schedules or budget, so bear with them.

2. The thrill seeker

Contrary to what most think, there are actual African thrill seekers who travel miles and miles just to climb the highest mountain or jump off the tallest bungee. They are the thrill-seekers, adventures, those that plan their trips around the most exciting things to do at the destination. They love to push their limits at every opportunity. If their trip is lacking of adventurous things to do, they do not feel alive and can become downcast and antsy.

3. The Instagrammer

The Instagrammer plans his/her trips around the most photograph-able, most expensive and exclusive sites. It has more to do about social acceptance and what people think about the destination than what the destination means to them.


Lee Litumba’s Instagram feed is travel goals

(spirited puruit)

They won’t be too happy if part of the travel itinerary doesn’t involve epic pictures by the beach or in their super exotic hotel room or at that super-exclusive but super-recognisable location that can be posted on social media to draw many likes. This is similar to when people were flocking to Santorini, one of the hottest destinations for Nigerians in 2018, to take pictures with the backdrop of the pristine white walls.

4. The tourist

Solo travel or travelling with BAE: Which is better?play

Solo travel or travelling with BAE: Which is better?

(Oneika the traveller)

The tourist is very popular in this part of the world, especially for middle-class families who get one or two vacations in a year. They are more interested in popular, less-imaginative destinations that are very tourist friendly such as London, Paris and America. The tourist always wants to see and take pictures by the Eiffel tower in France or the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

5. The Eat Pray Love traveller

This traveller is more introspective and in search of unforgettable experiences and interactions that might lead to self-discovery. You can find this traveller staying around and doing what locals would do. They immerse themselves fully in cultures and usually come back stories for days.

6. The animal lover

This traveller always wants to go to destinations that have zoos, safaris, conservation centres and ecological centres. They love bird watching and other activities that involve interacting with animals. Visiting a ranch to milk a cow, feeding and washing an elephant and swimming with a dolphin, are just some of the activities the animal lover likes to do. What better place to safari than Africa, or even West Africa.

7. The business traveller

This business traveller is required to travel. The most annoying thing is they get to travel often but are usually too consumed with work or too tired to actually enjoy or explore the destination.

8. The itinerary followers

These ones plan their trip to the letter before setting out. They are mostly budget travellers and already know all they will be doing at their destinations. This sometimes makes them miss out on experiences.

9. The nature lovers

All you need to know about visiting the Epe mangroves of Lagosplay

All you need to know about visiting the Epe mangroves of Lagos

(Travel With A Pen)

The nature lover is quite similar to the eat-pray-love traveller. They would prefer to immerse themselves in nature instead of people though. They would plan their trips around places where they can be one with nature and do related activities, such as snorkelling, boat rides through mangroves, hiking, and others.

10. The collector

Top markets for tourists to visit in Nigeriaplay

Top markets for tourists to visit in Nigeria

(A Pair and a spare)


They want to buy and collect every memorabilia possible. They will seek out the top tourist markets, supermarkets, art dealers, gold vendors, etc. They really just want to shop. You can find Nigerian collectors in Dubai, most especially.

11. The Pilgrim

The pilgrim only visits religious sites and places that can bring a clearer understanding of his/her religion. The most popular pilgim sites are Saudi Arabia and Israel.

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