If there is chaos, keep calm and laugh in the face of adversity – that’s the British way.

Countless memes and jokes at the expense of the chaos at Gatwick Airport in the past few days have at least proved nobody lost their sense of humour in a crisis.

Within hours of the airport closing due to numerous sightings of a drone, there were five ‘Gatwick Drone’ Twitter accounts either ribbing the authorities or feeling sorry for the drone itself.

Countless people posted pictures of Gatwick Airport from the sky and joked they had ‘just taken these with my new drone’.

And before sundown the errant flying machine even had a profile on gay dating app Grindr.

Its profile revealed the drone liked ‘cruising around Surrey/Sussex area’ and was ‘into civil aviation’ and ‘long group queuing seshes’.

The ‘Battle of Gatwick’ was declared ‘a decisive drone victory’ on Wikipedia, with ‘One Droney Boi’ beating the assembled might of airport security, Sussex Police, the British Army and the British Government.

Sussex Police Force became the butt of many of the jokes online for struggling to find the high-flying culprits behind the 36-hour airport closure.

There were cartoons of police marksmen shooting down Santa and even Pink Panther memes of Inspector Clouseau trying to get to bottom of the drone mystery.

The classic cartoon Wacky Races was evoked in many tweets with Dick Dastardly and Mutley’s failed attempts to ‘catch the pigeon’ being compared to the police trying to find the drone bandits.

The finger of suspicion fell firmly on Wallace and Gromit’s nemeses Feathers McGraw after a picture surfaced of him holding what looks very much like a drone controller.

And fears that trigger happy police shooting at drones could down Santa Claus, who is known to be flying around the skies at this time of year, were drawn out in a near-to-the-knuckle cartoon.

At least anyone heading to a fancy dress party this festive season will have the perfect excuse to dress up as a drone.

On Sunday, when the police said there was ‘always a possibility that there may not have been any genuine drone activity in the first place’, Twitter understandably went into meltdown.

However, amid the joking and the satire it would not be 2018 without someone using the chaos to make a political point about Brexit.

A bit close to the bone?

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