We love small hotels here at Caribbean Journal — and we know you do, too.

The Caribbean’s littlest hotels may be short on size but they’re big on charm – and even tiny places to stay often come with all of the amenities you’re looking for, from culinary options to activities to beautiful accommodations.

In other words, it’s the comfort of a larger hotel with the personality of a far smaller resort.

Here are five great little Caribbean resorts to check in to right now.

Baoase Luxury Resort, Curacao It’s hard to imagine that a resort this exceptional still manages to fly under the radar, because this isn’t just Curaçao’s greatest hotel —it’s one of four favorite places to stay in the Caribbean, period. The rooms are sexy, the service is marvelous and while it’s got just 23 units, you get all of the luxury and convenience of a far bigger property. Oh — and Chef Rene Klop’s restaurant is an otherworldly experience.

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Le Bois Joli, Terre de Haut, Guadeloupe It’s no secret that Terre de Haut is one of the most charming islands in the Caribbean. But its only true resort is this: the Bois Joli, the beachfront boutique with jaw-dropping views of “mainland” Guadeloupe. There’s a great little bar, a terrific seafood restaurant and a perfect little stretch of beach that’s meant for ti-punch-filled afternoons. There’s also a convenient shuttle into TDH’s picturesque waterfront town.

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Cooper Island Beach Club, British Virgin Islands  It’s on a tiny island in the British Virgin Islands, but the amenities are vast: a restaurant, a bar, a coffee shop, a brewery, a rum bar, a boutique … and 10 beachfront rooms done in a woody, warm old-Caribbean style. The constant stream of yachters makes for a serious nighttime energy, too.

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Southern Cross Club, Little Cayman The minuscule island of Little Cayman occupies a privileged perch at the top of the bucket list for most Caribbean aficionados. That’s because it’s an impossibly lovable place, with less than 200 full-time residents and a Robinson Crusoe-vibe that only adds to the quirky personality of the place. The reality, though, is that it’s actually quite easy to get here — a short 30-minute flight from Grand Cayman. And when you get here, there’s a wonderful surprise: 14 beachfront bungalows on a stunning stretch of sand, including some with outdoor showers, along with a casual but excellent eatery.

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La Maison de L’Ilet Oscar, Martinique A private island in Martinique? Yes, it exists. This four-room eco-friendly escape is set a short boat ride off the eastern coast of Martinique. It’s an old-school Caribbean retreat, meant for days spent enjoying nature (and some rhum agricole, of course), exploring the brilliant water and savoring the sounds of true serenity. And yes, there’s even an on-demand floating bar.

— CJ

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