Speech to Text for Tips to travel safely

Below is the closed-captioning text associated with this video. Since this uses automated speech to text spelling and grammar may not be accurate.

talks the current chris shows chris shows the current radar, talks about conditions right now.. chris shows the current radar, talks about conditions right now.. news 10’s garrett brown is outside as that snow falls.. garrett.. show us what you’re seeing right now.. < i’m here along 3rd street in the downtown terre haute area. there aren’t many drivers out.. but.. if you do have to be out, local police want you to take extra precautions. police say you should limit your travel and only get out if its necessary. it’s important drivers are extra cautious on the roads to make sure everyone gets home safely. <“often times during adverse road conditions motorists fail to leave extra stopping distance so we have those rear end collisions happen.. slamming on the breaks and then we fish tail and lose control.” //// “we also ask that you carry your cellphone with you. when you leave your residence make sure that you have your cell phone fully charged. you have a cell phone charger in the car so that way if you need to make contact with 911 you can do so.” just a reminder to take it slow this morning. plows are working their best. with drivers still out and about… this is now making a slick layer under this newly fallen snow. reporting

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