How about something light?

A family-run mobile kitchen has come up with its own unique value proposition — serving glow-in-the-dark noodles called ‘lumen-ramen’.

The Mobile Kitchen is unlike other noodle shops. It’s designer, Ami Sueki makes use of bioluminescent ingredients, that is a mixture of quinine and natural food colouring, to produce the captivating Japanese classics. The restaurants bring together chefs and designers from all across America, London and Japan, with its first stop in Atlanta.

Not only do their noodles glow, they also make glow-in-the-dark cocktails, “a totally immersive dining experience” for the non-commons.

Sueki writes on the bizarre website that the restaurant is the physical manifestation of a dream she had several years ago and her attempt to tell the story of a mythical family of yōkai spirits – which she refers to as “the Nakamuras”.

In Japanese folklore, the Nakamuras operated their own ramen shop, serving dinner to the lost souls that have been left wondering the earth. This inspired Sueki to call the food served at her restaurant “soul food”.

While the restaurants seems to be a lot about theatrics and storytelling, Americans are already lapping it up. The restaurant has set its prices at $75 per head, and while it prepares to open on January 30th in two separate locations, the first few dates have already sold out, according to Twisted.

What do you think about glow-in-the-dark food?

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