See the hottest five we have picked up.

1 . Danfo Bistro and Danfo bar

Danfo Bistro needs no introduction. In the past month, it has received all the food and drink buzz enough to draw in all the elite in search of cool new spaces to explore. Danfo Bistro’s Ewa Agoyin sandwich has been the talk of the town for a while now, and they recently launched their danfo bar which is another signature photo spot. No doubt that it stay on the map for a while.

2. Costain Roundabout

Costain roundabout [Kelechi Anabaraonye]

We happen to have noticed how packed Costain has been, and not just the traffic. Just under the bridge around the famous roundabout, someone has opened a bar that has become quite popular with night life Lagos mainland. It just had to get a spot on our list.

3 . The Patio Lagos

The Patio opened in December 2018 to a lot of buzz, especially from celebrities. The buzz seems suspicious, but noone seems to mind as the aesthetics of the place are divine! Doing well to take the name as the theme, The Patio allows family and friends hang out outdoors with great food and ambiance, but no wifi. They say, “…Talk to each other and pretend it’s 1995.”

4 . The Bolivar Waterside

Open to the public over the Christmas holidays last year, Bolívar is an intimate and exotic fusion waterside lounge with a Caribbean twist & rustic vibe. The ambience is simple and cosy, perfect to celebrate friends and good times during the weekends. Since it opened, the reserved spot has been welcoming people all over Lagos.

5. The Metaphor

Also open to public since December last year, The Metaphor is a cute, Santorini-themed restaurant available for lunch, dinner and drinks. Everyone wants to take pictures in its minimalist white spaces and table, so no doubt it has been getting some buzz. It is open on most days.

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