Fortnite fans can unlock a special hidden loading screen by completing all Week 10 challenges from Season 7.

Hidden within this loading screen is a secret banner, which rewards players with a new Battle Star when found.

Epic Games releases seven Battle Royale challenges each week. Three of the weekly challenges are available for free and the other four challenges are exclusive to Battle Pass users.

The challenges are also separated into hard and regular tiers of difficulty.

The hard difficulty Fortnite challenges net players ten Battle Stars, while the regular tasks reward fans with five Battle Stars.

Earning Battle Stars levels up your Battle Pass, which is how you unlock all of the rewards on offer.

You can even earn an additional Battle Star or banner by completing all seven challenges and unlocking a special loading screen (above).

The clue for this week’s hidden banner can be seen by a tree in the distance. We’ve circled it below to make it easier to spot.

The tree in question is fairly easy to find, but we’ve marked it on the map above in case you need help.

The Banner is in the northern part of the desert biome, or I6 on the map to be exact.

It’s worth remembering that you’ll need to complete all of the challenges to unlock the loading screen and banner.

The full list of Season 7, Week 10 challenges can be seen below.

Fortnite Week 10 free challenges…

• Place a Mounted Turret or a Damage Trap in different matches (3)

• Search Chests at Lazy Links or Dusty Divot (7)

• Assault Rifle Eliminations (3) (HARD)

Fortnite Week 10 Battle Pass challenges…

• Deal damage with Scoped Weapons to opponents

• Get a score of 5 or more at the Shooting Gallery east of Wailing Woods

 – Get a score of 5 or more at the Shooting Gallery north of Retail Row

 – Get a score of 5 or more at the Shooting Gallery east of Paradise Palms

• Visit Expedition Outposts in a single match (4) (HARD)

• Hit an opponent with a Chiller Grenade or a Boogie Bomb in different matches (3) (HARD)

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