WILLIAMSTOWN, W.Va. (WTAP) – In honor of May being National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, a motorcycle dealer in Wood County has some tips to keep motorcyclists safe on the roads.

S&P Harley Davidson in Williamstown says motorcyclists should check their motorcycles before they hit the pavement. They urge them to be aware of their surroundings and anticipate what could occur on the roads. They also say you should have the proper riding gear and equipment on your motorcycle.

“High visibility riding gear, it’s got reflective material so when the light hits it, it reflects back to the light itself. And scanning around, seeing what may be in front of you may be potential cars that can pull out in front of you just getting used to that process of scanning around ahead of you, so you’re prepared in case something does happen,” said Kenny Hardy, the general manager at S&P Harley Davidson.

Meanwhile, the Ohio State Highway Patrol says as summer approaches, motorists should be aware of an increase in motorcycles on the roadways.

They say motorists should give motorcyclists a full lane of travel and look for motorcyclists at intersections and while changing lanes. They urge to always allow plenty of space in front of the vehicle you are driving and to not follow a motorcycle too closely.

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