A reality TV star’s lavish island wedding has caused chaos and ‘ruined’ a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ holiday for dozens of other guests.

Billie Faiers, who starred on UK show The Only Way is Essex, wed Greg Shepard in an idyllic Maldives ceremony in March in front of 100 guests, who had also flown in.

But many of the luxury island’s guests claimed noise from the festivities reverberated across the resort following the ‘yobbish’ wedding party’s behaviour.

“They’ve turned this paradise island into the Costa del Sol,” one sobbing mother told The Sun in reference to the budget Spanish resort.

“It was meant to be the height of luxury, but it’s full of drunken yobs shouting and trying to be the centre of attention.”

The alleged carnage was said to include ‘a wild pool party’ held at sunset, pool toys being sent adrift into the sea and claims the wedding party were ‘drunk, noisy and rude’.

Cementing guests’ ill-feelings towards the group was TV crews filming across the five-star resort, which saw parts cordoned off to other holiday makers.

This led to commotion being heard in villas as far as 750 metres away, affecting guests’ $13,950 (AUD) holidays.

However, Billie was quick to clap back to allegations, saying other holidaymakers were well aware of the festivities.

“Of course we’re out here as a group of 100. People knew we were out here for our wedding,” she told The Sun.

“It was so ridiculous because our events were private, the island was huge. We were just having fun. It’s a shame people were trying to tarnish the wedding.”

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