Portland is known for bike paths, bridges, and breweries. In fact, Portland currently has the most breweries of any city in the world. While the city boasts such an impressive brewery selection, it’s also a great place to get a perfect mixture of nature and yummy food.

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There’s no shortage of Instagram-worthy things to do and see in the beautiful city, but if a trip to Portland isn’t feasible at the moment, then you can keep scrolling through your feed to get your Portland fix.

Here are some of our favourite Instagram accounts to follow from Portland, Oregon.


You can find all things Portland on this account. As the official resource for visitors to the city, you’ll get a glimpse at all the amazing sights the city has to offer.


You’ll get a little bit of everything by giving this account a follow. Foster quit his design job at Ralph Lauren and gave up his New York apartment to live in a van. A combination of Oregon nature shots and a behind the scenes look at the videos that Foster creates makes for one super interesting Insta account.


As a photographer, illustrator, and adventurer, Brooke Weeber screams Portland. Her travels have taken her near and far, but this girl knows that home is where the heart is. You won’t be disappointed by the breathtaking scenery that Brooke posts.


If there were a contest or reality show to see who has the best beards in the world, these guys would win hands down. The best friends have gained more than 230,000 followers and if you take a look at their account you’ll know exactly why. They’ve decked out their beards in everything from Starbursts to dog treats and even pine cones. You name it and they’ve most likely attached it to their beards.


Sam’s feed is giving us the travel bug. Whether she’s in the photo by herself, with her friends, or just a scenery shot, this account would make anyone want to visit Portland.


Like many cities around the world, Portland has its own line of clothing. Portland Gear shows off their designs and style in some of the most Instagrammable ways you could ever think of.


You know that the dogs have to be pretty talented or just plain adorable if they have more than 90,000 followers. The bulldog is named Tuna Sandwich and Lucy know how to skateboard, surf, and ride in a sidecar. Give them a follow to keep your feed entertaining.


You might not want to look at this account on an empty stomach. Morgan is a natural born foodie and according to her Instagram, she’s also a Bubble Tea influencer. She does a lot of travelling but calls Portland home. Give her a follow to learn about some of the amazing restaurants that Portland has to offer.


Tonya Smith is a style blogger based out of Portland. Her glam, magazine spread style of photos will give you all sorts of feels and you’ll want Tonya’s wardrobe right now. The sophistication and chic pieces are outfit goals.


You’ll wish you were living Kassala’s life after checking out her Insta. Adding her to your feed will give you major inspiration for your next post.


There’s an old school feeling throughout every one of Brittany’s pics. She’s got everything from cars to Portland scenery and stories from her own travels throughout her Insta.


You won’t be disappointed by adding this account to your feed. Tally is an art director by day and nature enthusiast by the weekend (the night of the week). You’ll be blown away at the spectacular shots throughout Tally’s Insta.


A photographer and producer, Jared showcases the beauty of Portland in every one of his shots. A quick scroll through his feed and you’ll be able to see the story that Jared has captured in every one of his photos.


Candace is taking Portland fashion to the next level. She may be a world traveller, but when she’s home in Portland she is serving up some amazing fashion inspo.


Lavenda is always jet-setting around the world and of course, is always adding to the ‘gram. This lifestyle and fashion blogger knows just the right filter to add to bring a warm glow to the beautifully shot but also to the city of Portland.


This account will take you behind the scenes of what it’s like to own a restaurant in Portland. Gregory is the Director of Culinary Operations for Departure Portland – a restaurant serving up some insanely good looking food.


Experience what it’s like to live the Portland life by giving Laura a follow. Her beautiful smile and love for life are captured in all of the photos. You’ll wish you lived in Portland after checking this account out.


Portland is known for its beautiful backcountry and incredible scenery, and Ian is able to capture all of that through his photographs. You’ll find Ian in different parts of the world, but Portland is home for this Insta famous photographer.


You’ll want to eat your way through Portland after giving Kari’s account a follow. This food blogger is basically bringing food to life in every single photo.


If you could have anyone be your personal tour guide in Portland you’d want Ainsley. This girl lives and breathes the Portland lifestyle. She knows where to find the best food and take the most Instagram-worthy photos throughout Portland.


The sights, the sounds and the stillness of Oregon nature are displayed throughout Jess’ Insta. The bold colours and details will make you feel like you’re physically visiting the location rather than just scrolling by the photo on your feed.

Portland is full of Instagram inspiration through its landscape, culture or food and we would love to see your favourite PDX moments on the ‘gram.

Share your snaps with us using the hashtag #dailyhivemapped.

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