Forgetting where your car is parked? Perhaps you’re on a flight that doesn’t offer in-flight entertainment? Or maybe your jewellery always gets tangled up while stuffed in your suitcase?

Thankfully, we have come across a genius hack that will play as a solution to all of the above — and will leave you wondering why you didn’t think of it yourself.

So before your next holiday, have these tips ready to go:

Take a photo of where you parked at the airport

It can be difficult to remember where your car is after two weeks on holiday, especially when there are so many different numbers and letters for the zones and floors.

Taking a photo of the zone sign can help — so you don’t spend hours walking around the car park after a long flight.

This also works for hotel room numbers.

Take an empty water bottle through security

While bottles containing liquids over 100ml are banned from being taken through security, empty water bottles are fine.

You can then just fill it up on the other side, without having to fork out for a new bottle at airport prices.

There is even a handy website that reveals which airports have free water fountains and where they can be found.

Use a hair tie to keep the hotel hairdryer on

The hairdryer supplied by a hotel is often very basic with no dials or switches — just an on button that needs to be held down in order to work.

And after a while, you end up with tired arms and finger cramp.

Next time you’re drying your hair, wrap a hair tie around the button to keep it on, making it easier to change positions as well.

Hide money in a lip balm container

If you’re off out and want to keep your money safe, just pop your notes in an empty lip balm tube.

This keeps your money well hidden and gives you and emergency supply, just in case.

Use pill boxes for small items and jewellery

Tangled necklaces and missing earrings can be an annoyance when travelling.

Instead, a seven-day pill box is a great way to organise jewellery and other small objects to avoid losing them in a suitcase.

Pack your shoes with a shower cap

When packing shoes, wrap them in a shower cap to stop your clothes getting dirty.

You can also drop in a couple of those leftover hotel room tea bags to keep them smelling fresh.

Use your hoodie as a laptop protector

Wrapping your laptop up in your hoodie is a great way to keep it safe in your case.

Simply place it in the middle of your top and fold it into the hood, before crossing the arms over to make it fit neatly into any case.

Wrap shirts and undies into an easy sock bundle

When packing for an overnight stay, you can make a handy clothes bundle to save space.

Just fold your underwear into a T-shirt, before laying some socks on top and rolling it up.

You can then tuck this into your socks to make a self-contained, compact bundle — also known as the “overnight burrito”.

Use the TV to charge your phone with a USB

Forgetting a travel adaptor can be a pain when you need to charge your mobile phone or devices.

However, some new TVs now have USB sockets in the back, so can be used in an emergency or when there are no plugs.

To charge it quicker, turn on flight mode.

Put your phone in a plastic bag to watch shows on the plane

The free plastic bags given for your liquids at the airport can be used again for your mobile phone.

With some flights no longer having in-flight entertainment, your phone can be used instead.

Simply put it into the bag and clip to the tray table to watch programs hands-free.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and has been republished with permission.

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