Britons travelling overseas could come back with hefty debt as well as a tan, with 37 per cent “risking thousands of pounds” when they arrive in their holiday destination. UK residents heading abroad have admitted they regularly do so with no travel insurance at all. Company has flagged the red lights for more than a third of Britons, who could be forced to fork out much more than the cost of their vacation should they suffer an injury abroad. Their findings showed out off 2,000 people, Britons seemingly assume they don’t need travel insurance, either because of the length of their stay or where they are going.

Yet if they are forced to cancel their trip due to unforeseen circumstances, or suffer an accident abroad, they are unlikely to be protected and will have to pay the full cost of medical fees.

The Ehic card, which expert Martin Lewis insists should be valid and work in tandem with travel insurance, only applies in states of the European Union, and even then insurance is recommended.

The survey found that for Britons taking short city breaks of three or four nights, more than 50 per cent neglected insurance entirely.

For longer holidays the situation differed slightly, with this figure reducing to 31 per cent for a seven night excursion.

Meanwhile more than a third of people, totally 37 per cent, have not and would not consider taking out travel insurance for a trip within the UK.

Although only around a third of people (32%) have taken out insurance for a trip in England, Scotland, or Wales, 63% have done so for a trip to Ireland.

Anna Sant, travel insurance expert at MoneySuperMarket, commented: “While we all hope our holidays go without a hitch, travel insurance is a great safety net for those occasions when things do go wrong.

“You should try to take out insurance as soon as possible after booking your trip, as policies can cover the costs of unexpected cancellations or other difficulties before you leave.

“As well as covering missed or cancelled flights, travel insurance can help with medical issues and thefts while travelling.

“Be sure to shop around if you travel a lot, as a multi-trip annual package can be cheaper and give you peace of mind without the hassle of renewing your insurance for each individual trip.”

Meanwhile, recently reported how Britons should make sure they take out travel insurance – even if they are opting for a staycation rather than overseas adventure.

Many think the protection is only for overseas, yet experts at Columbus Direct have poured cold water on the rumour, insisting it is just as essential when travelling on home turf.

Stuart Lloyd, Travel Insurance Expert at Columbus Direct told “Whether you’re planning on travelling to far flung destinations or a staycation in the Yorkshire Dales, you still need to make sure you’re covered by travel insurance.

“This is something that is very easy to forget when you’re not boarding a plane or ferry to head off on holiday.

“While you are staying on home soil, you are still at risk if you have to unexpectedly cancel a hotel, transport or some activities.”

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