The Municipality of Bar is the only one in Montenegro, possible even wider, which can offer tourists a holiday on the sea, the lake, and the mountains, and affirmation of tourism potentials of the hinterland mountain massif of Rumija, will see even more attention, said Emil Kukalj, the Director of Tourism Organization of Bar after a successful action “Expedition to the mountains “.

TO Bar attracted a group of about fifty tourists from several cities to a day-long hiking tour called “Expedition to the mountains”, aiming to populate an active vacation in the hinterland.

The tour joined the “Two Magical Coasts” – the Adriatic Sea and Skadar Lake in Bar, and during the multi-level crossing of the massif Rumija through Bijela Skala, tourism workers met the lesser-known areas that should be recommended to their clients.

The departure was from Baltina, 650 meters above sea level, from where they walked up to Bijela Skala, to an altitude of 903 meters. This marked 5.2km long line is categorized as medium difficulty, its official number is 788, it is safe and has no critical points, and for passing, as described and proven in practice, it is physically in the middle range of demanding.

From this mountain pass, they hiked 4.5 kilometers to Pincic in Sestani, from where the wagon of trucks were transferred to Murici on the lake shore. The tour continued by boat to the beach Pjesacac where lunch was prepared in the ethno-ambiance and the final part was a sail from Pjesacac to Virpazar. The group was led by the professional licensed mountain guides Darko Pepdjonovic, Igor Percobic and Ilija Vukotic.

“We had a total of 53 travel agents and workers from Bar, Budva, and Podgorica. The tour is another indicator that Bar has the capacities unlike any other city, that there are great potentials not only for summer passive vacations, but for active holidays during the whole year. The vicinity of the sea and the lake, numerous hiking trails over a hundred kilometers long, the possibility to develop canyoning; this wealth is offered in such a small space and is truly a unique offer that can be very attractive for tourists and tourist agencies to include in the market,” Kukalj said. Commenting on the fact that in the area between the two coasts the price of the private accommodation in the summer is much higher than in the traditional sea tourism resorts, Kukalj pointed out that the hinterland is mainly visited by the guests from Western Europe. “They are different from those on the seashore, because they are primarily looking for privacy, peace, silence and escape from everyday life, the internet and mobile phones. They can, truth be told, afford to pay more. As we go down from Bijela Skala to Pincice, we came across a group of ten Swiss people, and it is characteristic that they are older adults. These are people who have time and budget for such trips in their age,” Kukalj added. 


More mountain guides will be needed in Bar

“A significant number of Bar Mountain Trails have been marked, but now they need to be maintained properly, renewed and remarked. The guides need additional training, and for a more serious approach more guides will be needed, in order to make our offer at the satisfactory level and be of service to as many tourists as possible,” said Kukalj.

Text by Radomir Petric, on May 22nd, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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