Google Maps Street View cameras captured an incident a lorry driver would rather forget during its latest set of images. The team headed to a remote residential area, with sun-searched dirt track roads and a scattering of trees. A collection of what appeared to be industrial buildings could be seen in the background on the horizon. As the cameras attempted to track images of the route to broadcast onto the website, the stumbled upon a huge mishap.

They encountered a large lorry, with plenty of load on the back, travelling down the dusky track.

Yet in an embarrassing mishap for the driver, a good 50 per cent of the good had twisted when it was turning the corner.

The change in direction prompted the goods to fall to the floor in what looked an impossible situation for the solo driver to resolve.

They would have been much too heavy for him to retrieve and pop back on the lorry.

With the Street View cameras not capturing an update, it remains to be seen what the outcome was.

Quite recently, in another Street View scenario, a half-naked man was caught in a death-defying feat clambering out of his window.

Meanwhile, a rather embarrassing mishap occurred right as the camera was passing a cyclist in the countryside.

The Street View team were travelling down a quaint country road, in some rather glum conditions.

They ventured on a pretty narrow stretch, which saw a grassy bank on one side and fenced off woodland on the other.

A bunch of highway workers, clad in woollen hats and striking hi vis jackets, could be seen standing in a bunch on the left hand side.

Their gaze was well and truly taken by the antics of a cyclist, on a red bike, on the opposite side of the road.

They appeared to be pedalling off the curb and onto the road, yet the slight decline clearly caused a problem.

The images caught the male cyclist toppling off his bike just as he attempted to do so.

He was seen throwing his arms in front of him, off the handlebars, in an attempt to break his fall.

The man’s feet had also come from the pedals during the descent.

It is unfortunately not known if he suffered any serious injuries.

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