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EVER been a passenger in a car and spotted a video or photo on social media that’s just so good you’ve leaned over to show the driver? You might want to think again. The recent case of a driver who was fined $337 for doing just that may have gone viral on social media, but police say there is a very good reason this offence exists. When travelling at 60km/h a vehicle will travel 17 metres a second, when your speed reaches 100km/h that blows out to 28 metres a second, road safety expert Matthew Irvine says. READ ALSO: Police launch trailblazing initiative for South Coast teens NSW Traffic Tactician Inspector Ben Macfarlane said that is a very long time for a driver to have their eyes off the road. “It falls under the whole umbrella of driver distraction, the job is to concentrate on driving the vehicle, not anything else,” he said. This offence is among a range of lesser-known road rules that have stung a few motorists. Ever waved out the window when you see someone your know or spot a passenger with their feet hanging out the window of the car? READ ALSO: Police launch trailblazing initiative for South Coast teens These actions could result in a $337 fine and loss of three demerit points. Keen to drop your child off close to the school gate and decide to double park? You may want to think again as this could result in a $337 fine and loss of two demerit points. Love hitting the dirt tracks with your vehicle? You might want to wash off your number plates before hitting the road again as an obscured rear number place could get you a $425 fine (for $637 for a heavy vehicle) and loss of three points. What about those motorists who drive in the right hand lane, but travel under the speed limit? They could lose two points and be asked to pay a $337 fine. Note, this is only applicable in areas with a speed limit above 80km/h unless otherwise signposted. READ ALSO: Music, dance and food served up at 2019 River Festival Ever forget to turn your headlights on a night? This could see you receive a $112 fine and one point. The same fine and points apply if you forget to dim your high beams for an oncoming vehicle or one you’re travelling behind. What about those music lovers who enjoy driving with a good beat? Motorists could cop a $200 fine and two points if you drive/use vehicle with sound system emitting offensive noise. READ ALSO: Time to walk and talk about an important topic “It’s really one of those ones where they’re driving down the main street of town and it’s [the noise] creating such a distraction to people,” Inspector Macfarlane said. And while eating and wearing thongs may not be an offence, motorists could still cop a $448 fine and lose three points. “There are offences for negligent driving or not having proper control of a vehicle,” Inspector Macfarlane said. Why not subscribe.

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