MARATHON COUNTY, Wis. (WSAW) — A record breaking 48.9 million Americans are going to travel during this holiday weekend.

Marla and her husband hit the road early this morning with their boat in tow to beat the record number of drivers on the road. “I think most of them will be leaving after work tonight but because my husband and I are retired now we can leave early,” explained Marla Alexander, traveling from Waunakee.

The Wisconsin State Patrol wants drivers to slow down and pay attention so you can get to your family outings safe and sound. “We would like people to be well aware of their speed and seat belt use all the time especially during high traffic times,” said Lieutenant Robert Hartson of the Wisconsin State Patrol.

Lieutenant Hartson also adds that drivers should slow down and move over for any vehicles that are on the side of the highway.

A gas station right off the highway near Merrill says they expect about 3-thousand drivers a day. With many fueling up before reaching their final destination. “We expect the traffic to be insane for the next few days and it’s a lot of fun we see a lot of drivers from southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. So we’re going to see a lot of traffic,” said Jaimie Ohlmann, Manager at BP Gas Station in Merrill.

All the drivers we ran into today were excited about the weather. “Hope everybody has a fun, safe holiday weekend,” said Alexander.

“Hope it stays like this and hope everyone has fun too and beautiful weather,” said Cory Goldthorpe who is traveling from southeast Missouri.

Most construction zones will be as clear as possible for drivers this weekend but the State Patrols adds that you should still use caution when driving in them.

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