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When I went to Cuixmala, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve site approximately 3 hours from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, this week, I got so many DMs being like, “Hey, where TF even are you?!” And I get it, because one second I was drinking margs and eating tacos, the next I was horseback riding next to zebras, spotting crocodiles, and then relaxing at the beach. Did I mention that the property is over 30,000 acres of protected space with plenty of amazing architecture and breathtaking views that are definitely the best backgrounds for Insta pics that nature can provide?

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Full disclosure, I got to go to this beautiful part of the world through a press trip with clothing brand Revolve, which is known for its lavish jaunts around the globe. The folks there truly know how to sniff out Insta-perfect resorts, so its no surprise this one truly delivered.

At Cuixmala, the entire month of July is officially #REVOLVEsummer, where the newest, seriously vacay-worthy pieces available on the site will be showcased on some of the most Insta-famous influencers, actors, and models. Spoiler alert: I am not an influencer, but it was really fun to act like one for a couple days (#SomeoneSponsorMe)! So, let me take you through just how to enjoy yourself at Cuixmala, eh?

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Cuixmala resort grows literally everything you eat right there on the property and the first thing you’ll see is a huge mango grove on your drive in. The mangos are very delicious, thanks for asking!

But let’s get back to the views…I mean, can you even?

Photo credit: Google Pixel 3

Photo credit: Google Pixel 3

The chicken tacos here are some of the best I’ve ever eaten and I wish I was eating one again right now.

Play “Old Town Road” on repeat in your mind while you take in the insane scenery of this huge property, including fruit trees, herds of zebras and antelopes, and a stunning beach that legitimately goes on for days.

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I have never been to a resort that Gets It like this one, where full-length mirrors are concerned. Everywhere you look, you can find one that provides the perfect canvas for your next OOTD.

These things are the comfiest and they’re all over the place. Post up with your fave book (or magazine ;)) and don’t move all day long, except to eat more chicken tacos. ABT: Always Be Taco-ing.

FYI, this is what the pool situation was like:

Like I said, there’s a farm here on site, and there are bunnies galore. You can pet them, but I can’t promise they’ll take a good selfie. Plz swipe through this Insta pic to see what I mean, LOL.

The ocean in this exclusive spot, which was about a 45-min drive from the main resort area, but so worth it, was legit bath water. So. Warm. And so clear!

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Zebras, antelopes, migratory birds, crocodiles, and iguanas are all over the resort and you can ride around and see them everywhere! The crocs are kinda scary, not gonna lie, but they’re not close to any of the places tourists stay (remember, this resort is 30,000 acres!!). Cuixmala also releases baby sea turtles into the ocean at sunset and you can witness it, and that’s just adorable and the best.

Take. Me. Back!!!! Gahhh.

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