Cabin crew are experts at flying and dealing with airport travel – something many Britons can find quite stressful. Queues at the airport can be hugely frustrating for holidaymakers as they anxiously clock-watch ahead of their flight. Airport security is one such occasion during the process where big queues can be found. Jittery travellers stand in line as they watch other flyers take their time over separating liquids, taking off their shoes and getting confused over the full-body scanner.

This can be infuriating if you’re in a rush and you just want to get security over and done with.

Luckily there are ways you can speed things up – but not everyone knows the one simple trick.

Lauren Bamonte is an American Airlines’ flight attendant and she has revealed her top tip.

“Go through security quicker by taking the left lane,” the cabin crew member explained.

“When given the choice, people tend to turn towards their dominant hand. Because most people are right-handed, the right lane is generally busier.”

Bamonte also had another way to accelerate airport travel – especially for those with children.

“Split up check-in duties when travelling with little ones,” the flight attendant advised.

“Have one person do the pre-board with all the bags and buggies and the others stay back with the kids so they aren’t waiting on the plane for ages before take off.”

E-passport gates can also be responsible for delays as travellers pass through the airport.

One cause of this could in fact be because of what the passenger looks like due to the rise of facial recognition services at ePassport gates.

E-passport gates use facial recognition technology to compare the passenger’s face to the digital image in their passport. 

The machines can fail to function if the person is not recognised and the face and image do not appear to match up.

This means that anyone travelling with a beard could find themselves the cause of a hold-up at airport security.

Kevin Smith, Head of Technology at facial recognition specialists, Credas, told Feel Good Contacts that “beards and facial hair in general are typically the most common causes of failure.”

This is because facial hair can obscure any definite features for the machine to match.

Those with moustaches may also face similar problems with e-passport gates.

Perhaps an even more unlikely factor that could prevent the machines from recognising you is if you are hungover as this can also alter your face, according to Feel Good Contacts.

Weight loss and weight gain can also affect the way your face looks and hinder recognition.

Other influencing factors include: piercings, glasses, plastic surgery and facial tattoos.

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